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The Yellow Note cover ebookThank you for reading my blog!  My first book The Yellow Note is available through Barnes and Noble here:


A pessimist at heart, Conor Hudson feels utterly ordinary in a school full of obscenely wealthy and freakishly gorgeous students. Her only desire is to blend into the background at Westmore Academy, a school for the intellectually gifted nestled in the historic district of Savannah, Georgia. A mysterious note found in her locker sparks a journey of self-discovery she never imagined possible. Conor discovers the magic of self-love, life-long friendships, and unconventional family bonds with the help of her enigmatic author and two best friends, the fiercely loyal Shay Tucker, and the kind yet perplexing Noah Grayson.

It doesn’t take long for Conor to question her view of life, allowing new friends (and even a boyfriend or two) to break down her protective walls. As her circle of friends grows, so does her ability see herself as others do – anything but ordinary. When Conor finally discovers the identity of her mysterious author, she couldn’t be more surprised. And when she learns the deeper reason behind the love letters, she is reconnected with two people she thought she had lost forever. After the final piece of the puzzle falls into place, her view of life is changed forever – crazy, beautiful, wonderful life. And it all began with a little yellow note.