A Gift For You!

‘Tis the season of giving… and I have some gifts for my blog and newsletter followers! Thanks for sticking with me all year (it has been a doozy, hasn’t it?) Here’s to a better 2021, but before then, let me shower you with freebies!

You can get this Christmas-themed romantic comedy FREE all through December! Just click on the book below to get your freebie!

Not a fan of romantic comedy? Don’t celebrate Christmas? Worry not! You can also have this young adult fairy tale adaptation for free! Click the book to claim this one!

And since I was in the bookmark making mood, I compiled about a gazillion for you guys! These print best on heavy paper or photo paper!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, a spectacular beginning to winter (…or summer as the case may be), and I pray next year is simply smashing for you all!

New Release!

If you loved The Demolition Project, your wait for book two is finally over! The Demolition Daze releases today in e-book and paperback at most online retailers!

This book was a long time coming, but rest assured the final book won’t take quite as long to write and release (it’s on my list of things to do this year!)

I’ve included a special gift for my blog and newsletter readers, so read all the way to the bottom to get it!

Here’s the back blurb! I hope you love it as much as you liked the first book!

Simon Pelletier is months away from aging out of the foster care system. Stuck in a house with a family he doesn’t think cares much for him, he knows he must make a plan or end up living on the streets. When Simon meets Charlie, the spunky woman charged with helping him through the aging out process, Simon starts to think things might be alright. That doesn’t do much to improve his generally sulky behavior, but at least he won’t be homeless.

Georgette St. Peters never has to worry about anything. The wealthy, beautiful, intelligent girl doesn’t know what it means to lose. She collects trophies, sits in the captain’s position of every team she joins, and floats through life without a care. At least, that’s what Simon believes until a chance encounter shows him that maybe life doesn’t care who you are when it’s dishing out misery.

Simon and Georgette, opposites on the surface, find something in each other they haven’t found anywhere else—the ability to trust someone else with their deepest, darkest secrets. As their friendship grows, so do the demons that threaten their newfound relationship. When Simon’s world finally crumbles, will their bond be enough to help him pull through?

Thanks for reading! Here’s a special gift for my blog and newsletter readers! Just click on the download button below to download your FREE bookmarks! Bookmarks print best on heavy paper or photo paper!