All About It Blog Series – Week Seven

Here we are in week seven of the All About It series! This week I want to talk about a new series that doesn’t have any releases just yet. Christmas in Chatswain City was born from my love of the holiday season beginning in October on my daughter’s birthday! There are so many wonderful times to be had from then through the New Year, but it all seems to fly by so fast! I wanted to create a series where people can fall into that holiday spirit even when it’s 100 degrees outside!

Those of you who used to follow me on Wattpad will recognize some of the books in the series since they were initially written and posted there! However, they will be reshaped to fit in a new town—the fictional town of Chatswain City—and will center around Christmas (for the most part, but I might venture into other seasonal fares from time to time.)

As usual, many of the characters will be loveable, quirky, hot messes with loads of heart. I can’t wait for you all to read the first installment, The Cupcake Criminal, which I hope to have rebranded and released in time for Christmas (fingers crossed), but if I don’t, then it will definitely take you back to the holidays no matter when it comes out!

Here are some commonly asked questions about this series:

  1. What is the target age group?

Anyone can enjoy these books. They will be clean and free of too much dark drama. The drama will be minimal and contained, solved by the end of each book, and focus on positive outcomes.

2. What are the ages of the characters?

This will vary, but usually early to mid-twenties, with a few minor exceptions.

3. What is the content rating?

PG to PG-13 depending on the situational content, but it will always be free of cursing, vulgarity, and sex. Topics such as depression, anxiety, and others might be addressed.

4. Why did you start this series?

Because I love winter and all things cold (Seriously, what was Olaf thinking with this summer business?)

5. Should I read the series in order?

Nope. Each book is a stand-alone novel or novella that takes place in the fictional town of Chatswain City, but the characters will not be making any cameos in each others’ books.

What is already available? Well… nothing yet, but if you are signed up for my newsletter or to this blog, you’ll be the first to know when The Cupcake Criminals releases!

Here’s a look at the first book coming and a short quote scene:

What happens when a down on her luck woman gets hit with bad news one too many times? Why, she steals a cupcake delivery van, of course!

When a hot delivery guy brings an elegant proposal to the wrong doorstep, Abby can’t help herself. She’s already lost her boyfriend, her job, and now her mind, so what’s left to lose? In a moment of clouded judgment, Abby kidnaps the delivery man and steals his van. What ensues is nothing short of catastrophic, but when things go from bad to worse, Abby realizes there was always one thing she could count on—or maybe four. Her best friends.

Abby’s best friends since high school pull out all the stops to save their friend from going down in a blaze of glory. And if they can’t help her, well, then they’ll just go down with her.

Lucas sighed. “Look, we can ride around town all day in a stolen cupcake van, or you can pull over and walk your happy butt home. No harm, no foul. I mean it. I’ll make up a lie my boss will believe, and we can just pretend we never met.”

I caught a glimpse of his hand from the corner of my eye. He was fishing around in his pocket, and I remembered that I had no idea how to be a good kidnapper. Kidnapping 101, take your hostage’s phone before he calls the police.

“Hey! Give me that!” I grabbed at him, nearly driving us off the road. There was another honking serenade behind me as I swerved this way and that in a haphazard attempt to relieve Lucas of his cell phone. I wouldn’t stop until I got it, which was, in effect, the best way to get him to just hand it over.

“You’re going to get us killed you nutcase!” he shouted, then threw his phone at my head. It bounced off my shoulder and hit the dash, illuminating the screen for a moment before it landed on the floorboard. His home screen displayed a candid snapshot of an adorable little girl.

“Is that your daughter?” I asked. My heart began to race as extreme guilt sank in. I had not considered Lucas’ life outside of his shady, spicy cupcake dealing business, but now that his personal life was literally glaring at me, I knew I had to give up my plan to… Well, I didn’t know what my plan was or its purpose, but surely, I had one… right?

“Not that it’s any of your business, but yes, it is my daughter,” Lucas said as he scrambled to snatch his phone from the floor before I could. I swerved again, because cupcake vans are a surprising pain in the bootie to drive, but regained control quickly. Lucas whacked his head on the dash, but he did not retrieve his phone. It slid under my seat ensuring there would be no additional covert calls to the police, the FBI, the CIA, or any other national security agency that might want to arrest a woman who’d stolen a bakery van.

After that, I have no less than ELEVEN more books ready to in this series. Many are already written and just need some tweaking, while others are partially written or have detailed notes and scenes ready to go. I hope you all enjoy reading the series as much as I enjoyed writing the first drafts of these books!

Here is a peek at a few to release down the line!

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