All About It Blog Series, Week Six

Here we are in week six of the All About It series already! I’ve written a lot of books, and I plan to write a lot more! Even so, not all of my books require long series, and The Demolition Trilogy fits that bill. I had a few ideas but couldn’t cram them all into one book without making it way too long, so I planned out three.

It all started long ago on Wattpad with The Demolition Project. It started as a little 30K word novella that I expanded into close to 60K before publishing on Amazon. On Wattpad, the book garnered over 50K reads and grew a small cult following (by small, I mean one person who adores it and a few who still bug me about a sequel—I hear you, and it’s coming!)

By now, most of my readers are accustomed to my silver-lining style of writing where everyone ends up happy, the rainbows fill the sky, and the sun is always shining (unless you read Eiagan’s Winter, in which case… I don’t know what to say, LOL.) In The Demolition Trilogy, there are still silver linings, but they are hard-fought and well-earned by the protagonists. In these books, I explore the not-so-good parts of the foster care and adoption systems, the harsh realities for some of those children, and the darker sides of life.

While these books do cover darker concepts and may not be suitable for all ages or for those uncomfortable reading such things, I do try to offer hope and a way out of those dark situations for my characters. For example, attempted suicide, drug addiction, and abuse are all discussed in these books, but they are never shown in a positive light. They are adequately addressed and appropriately treated in the books as something requiring aid and treatment rather than glorified.

Adults and parents are not treated as clueless idiots who simply “misunderstand” the youth. They contribute to their recovery, offer assistance and discipline, and provide foundations for them. The adults in the series who are bad players are swiftly and well punished.

Here are some commonly asked questions about this series:

  1. What is the target age group?

Young adults to adults who prefer young adult fiction. There are “triggering” situations in the books, so I would recommend an adult read through before offering to a younger crowd or to those who might have experienced similar trauma.

2. What are the ages of the characters?

Protagonists and friends are 16-18, and adults play a critical role in many of their experiences

3. What is the content rating?

PG-13 for the situations, but the books are clean of cussing, sex, and sexual situations except for the first book, which mentions inappropriate interactions between an adult and teacher.

4. Why did you start this series?

I was annoyed by the way some young adult novels glorified suicide, abusive relationships, drug use, and inappropriate behavior between teenagers and adults. I also wanted to shine a light on the difficulties foster children encounter when aging out of the system. It is not easy for them, and the more we learn about it, the more we can do to help.

5. Should I read the series in order?

You don’t have to because each story has its own conclusion, but some characters from the first book appear in the second, and some from the second will appear in the third. I would recommend that you do, but it is not a must if you are not interested in reading all of them.

What is already available? The first book in the trilogy, The Demolition Project, is available at Amazon in print and e-book and is also available in Kindle Unlimited. Here is a quick look!

Knox Harris was perfect. He was the perfect student, ultimate best friend, a gifted athlete, and chillingly handsome with a sweetheart streak a mile long. There was absolutely nothing about the boy to hate. Everyone loved him, but Charlotte hated him.

Charlotte Woods was alone. She was nothing but trouble, a criminal, a waste of time. Not a single soul in the world cared about her. In fact, most people wished she would just disappear. She spent her days hiding in the shadows, just trying to survive.

The unfortunate product of a broken foster care system, Charlotte aged-out and hit the streets running on nothing but anger and a bad attitude. Barely able to keep herself alive, Charlotte’s anger grew. It threatened to eat her alive, but she refused to go down alone. Charlotte turned her focus to Knox, the one boy who seemed to care about everything and everyone but her. Knox didn’t appreciate the amazing life he had, but Charlotte vowed to make him see. She’d show him the hard way as she systematically destroyed everything he held dear.

But when a broken girl sets her sights on destroying an unbreakable boy, she had better be prepared to suffer the consequences. For Charlotte, the consequences just might kill her.

What’s next? The second book, The Demolition Daze, will be available soon! The rough draft is finished and is in an alpha review. It will need expansion and editing, but I hope to release it in a couple of months!

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