Book Review – Finding Madeline by Emily Fertic

Hi all! I haven’t done a book review in a while, so I thought I would dive back in with one I was lucky enough to beta read! First, here’s a look at the summary and where you can find the book!

Madeline Morgan is counting down the days until middle school is over. After three years of putting up with the digs and jabs that come from the school’s reigning Queen Bee, Zoe McAdams, Madeline only has three months of middle school left, and then she’s on to high school, ready to leave the bullies and drama behind. She’s decided to lie low and stay off of Zoe’s radar until the end of the school year. At least, that was her plan.

Madeline soon catches the attention of the already popular August Carter and the new-to-school basketball star, Jack Gray. August and Jack show Madeline that they don’t care what Zoe says and quickly win her over. But when these new friendships only put Madeline more in the line of fire from Zoe and her crew, Madeline can’t help but wonder if she— and her new friendships— will make it out of middle school intact.

Written by an author who has lived through bullying herself, this novel takes readers on a heart-wrenching, powerful journey of one girl’s attempts to navigate the complex social landscape of adolescence. But for Madeline to succeed, she must do more than simply survive middle school; she must decide who she is and who she wants to be.

The book is available for pre-order at Amazon and will release on August 11!

First, I want to congratulate Emily on her first independent novel! Emily has written collaborative works with Class Source (you can find those here) and is quite talented. This young woman knows how to take you all the way back to middle school (cringe) and puts you right in the middle of the drama. With every chapter, I found myself sitting beside middle-school me reminding myself it would all get better, that people wouldn’t be awful forever, and one day I would find my passion in life.

Emily tackles the all-too-real subject of bullying in her novel, but she relays the story in a way that anyone can relate to no matter their age. Madeline is a fully fleshed-out character whose pain you can feel tug at your heart every time the dreaded bully walks into the picture.

Finding Madeline also has betrayal and that horrific moment when you realize even the people you trust most can hurt you. But that’s not all. It also shows that perseverance, determination, and a kind heart are the keys to surviving almost any difficult situation. As an added bonus, there is plenty of the “will they/won’t they” tension between Madeline and a special someone who sticks by her side through it all, proving that some friendships are meant to be.

If you love sweet, clean stories with a lot of heart, this is for you. It’s appropriate for middle-grade all the way through adulthood (and believe me, it will take you back to those younger days!) Don’t forget to pre-order today and dive in on August 11!

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