Where to Find Me!

There seems to be a lot of folks searching for me on social media, and since I will be utilizing it more for updates, promotions, and interaction with readers, I wanted to make sure you had the most accurate information. So, here it is in one place!

To reach any of the pages, just click the hyperlink!

My website MJ Padgett Books

  • Here you will find information about my series and published books
  • Lots of bonus extras and fun stuff
  • If you sign up for my newsletters, you get a free book!


  • I post tons of stuff here—everything from promotions, book updates, new release information, quotes, games, and more
  • Here is where I also interact with readers!


  • Almost everything I post on Facebook also goes on Instagram since some people prefer it
  • I will most likely follow you back if you follow me here!


  • I’m not as active on Twitter, but I hope to change that soon!
  • I’ll post some material from Facebook and Instagram, but also some Twitter exclusive material

Blog (that’s here)

  • I feel like that one is pretty self-explanatory… updates, ramblings, and whatnots.


  • Here you will find book trailers
  • Coming soon—book updates, readings, and more!


  • I’m not very active here, but I will add more book reviews and favorites lists as I get more accustomed to using this site

Amazon Author Page

  • If you don’t want to sign up for the blog, you can also read it here!
  • This is a great place to see my entire collection of work, too.


  • My blog also posts here
  • I am a bit more active with reviews here, and you can browse my insane “want to read” pile! I’m always open to recommendations!


  • Here I post inspiration boards, but will soon add more content like book quotes and more!

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