Ashes to Ashes – Five Questions

It’s that time! Ashes to Ashes, Volume Two in The Immortal Grimm Brothers’ Guide to Sociopathic Princesses is now available for e-book pre-order through Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble! Order now for the December 15 release date! The paperback should be available by December 20! Now, let’s answer the five most asked questions about the sequel to Snow Kissed!

How is Ashes to Ashes different from Snow Kissed?

So many ways! You’ll see a lot of similarity in the first couple of chapters. This is only to get you back into the groove, then Ashes shoots off in an entirely different direction with a surprising heroine! The battles are bigger, the twists are sharper, and there might be more than one villain in the story!

Is the family dynamic the same?

Yes and no. Calla was a lucky girl who found adoptive parents who were very supportive. She forged some tight family bonds with her siblings and many others. While the bonds are also tight in book two, there are some sad differences between Sierra and Cecily’s story and Calla’s that are made clear from the very beginning.

What big twists can we expect?

I don’t want to spoil it! I can say this, there is A LOT going on behind the scenes and Ashes will touch on that a few times. Where Snow Kissed introduced the ideas and set up the world, Ashes takes you deeper into that world and builds on the mystery of “the big bad.” Something major is coming in this series, and Ashes tees it up.

Who is your favorite character in Ashes?

I think my favorite will be a fan favorite. No question, I loved writing Jack Thomas. He’s about as lovable a character as I am capable of writing I believe. And *spoiler alert* shh… he’s also a primary character in Volume Three!

When we think Cinderella, her glass slipper comes to mind. Why fire and no shoe in this volume?

The burning question (lol)… Honestly, I tried. I did, but I couldn’t come up with a creepy, yet non-gross way of utilizing the shoe the same way I used the apple in Snow Kissed. In Snow Kissed, the apple is almost synonymous with Snow. It’s her calling card. When the apples rot, you know she’s somewhere doing something unsavory.

In Cinderella, the shoe grossness was carried out by her stepsisters in a pitiful attempt to fool the prince. Cinderella (unlucky for her) just so happened to fit perfectly into that bloody shoe. To me, it didn’t signify Cinderella’s power as a character. Her name, however, is a calling card in itself. Cinderella, or Cindersoot in some versions, was a nickname given to her because she was always sooty from cleaning the fireplace. It felt more like her. Besides, lighting things on fire was much more fun than bloody feet! So, that’s why there’s no shoe and lots of fire!

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy today for download December 15! And stay tuned for Volume Three announcements coming this spring!

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