First blog post

I have no idea what I’m doing – I wan to be clear about that from the very beginning.  I came into this world an introvert, and an introvert I will stay until the day I die.  But, that doesn’t mean I don’t like people, I simply go about my appreciation a little differently.  At home.  In my pajamas.  With coffee and a book.

On this site you will find my ramblings about anything that comes to mind, primarily having to do with writing and publishing, but there will probably be some random, unimportant junk thrown in on occasion – or often, I haven’t decided yet!

My first book, The Yellow Note, racked up three million reads on Wattpad, so I thought I’d give the publishing world a try.  I thought having a cesarean section was brutal…I was wrong.  I’m used to rejection, don’t get me wrong, but when you’re judged by the first sentence that comes out of your mouth (or your page), then ignored for months on end you start to feel a little invisible.

But, Wattpad is a wonderful community and I have found several solid, loyal supporters who encourage me to write every single day.  I hope those supporters will follow me here, because I would love for this blog to become a community of individuals whose goal is writing, whether professionally or as a hobby, and supporting each other through the process.

If you want a peek into my brain, follow me on Wattpad or any of my social media pages.  You can find links to those on the Social Media tab on the main page of this blog, or you can flounder around aimlessly searching for me – whatever floats your boat.

This is my firs blog post, so I won’t bore you with my rambling just yet, but I will provide some shameless self-promotion…

The Yellow Note (hardcover and paperback) is available through Barnes and Noble here:

E-reader version will be available through Amazon in a few days, and I will post the link then.  Check out my Books tab for a brief summary of the book.

Thank you for following my rambling for today, stay tuned for more!  As a thank-you, I will leave you with a gif that does not belong to me in any way, shape, or form (please don’t sue me), but Nathaniel Buzolic is so very nice to look at…(incidentally, it’s how I feel when agents ignore me.)

Image result for Nathaniel Buzolic Gifs Drinking